GoPro Hero 3 White Edition


Hello, hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend! 

I thought I would share a purchase made this week with you. I am going on a road trip around Florida next month, words can't describe how excited I am! (insert smiley emoji) 

Being obsessed with youtube I have watched so many vlogs of road trips, and many have been using a GoPro, sticking them to the side of cars, surfboards, bodies, helmets, anywhere possible really. Its ideal because it is lightweight, waterproof, takes both videos & photos, and has burst & time lapse photograph settings. I have wanted one for ages, so this week I took the plunge and bought the GoPro Hero3 White Edition. 

Its so pretty, and tiny winy!

I was very over-excited taking it out of it's box and got a bit snap happy!

Inside the box is the camera, manuals, a USB lead, battery, mounts, a piece to with mounting the camera to a surfboard, and of course some stickers! 

For such a little thing, it does so many different things! You can also playback all your images and videos using a TV, the GoPro App and computer. 

I can not wait to use it, it is now with the rest of my forever growing camera collection, which I shall share with you soon! I shall definitely upload some of my Florida videos for you to all see. 

I bought my GoPro here from Argos:

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