I'M IN MIAMI B***H! (do a little dance) I literally love this city so much, my favourite parts are Lincoln Road, Design District, Midtown and of course Ocean's Drive! 

This time in Miami was made even more special as my best friend joined us for 24hours of fun, such short time as she is an air hostess (i like the way you dress) so we had limited time, but as usual we fulfilled this time challenge and did as much as possible before she left us. 

So here is my Miami Edition via my iPhone of, 3 nights in Miami staying on Collin's Avenue.

I shall upload none iPhone pictures asap! 

Elli and I's excited to be reunited in Miami faces!

Cruising all the way to...Walmart! Woo!


Ocean's Drive

Versace Mansion, of course had to have another peek.

Sushi Couture, amazing sushi and lovely seating area.

Lincoln Road Mall, shopping time

Serendipity, for amazing Ice Cream's and Frozen Hot Chocolates. Delicious. 

Someone got some brain freeze!

Havana, Lincoln Road. Delicious cuban food, with a massive menu and great cocktails!

Freedom Tower

Wynwood Walls


Maya Hayuk, the whole reason we came to the Wynwood Walls. Her work was Benj and I's inpsiration at College and University, so was amazing to finally see her work in the flesh.

Oh hey GAB!

All over the pavements are spray painted quotes

Black Brick, Midtown

Holocaust Memorial 

Ocean's Drive 

Cheeky Cocktail, and I got to keep the tumbler for free (winning!)

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