Living the American Dream


On the 17th of March, Benj and I packed up our things, and left England to come to American for 2 and half months. Our adventure starts in Orlando, Florida. Where we were greeted with a beautiful sunset, perfect!

But first, the hire car! A Jeep Patriot, with a Cali plate is our chosen vehicle for 2 weeks. (trying to pretend I was from Cali)

I had to add in this picture of the new Mustang, I am obsessed! One day!

We came to America last year and filmed a GoPro film, we are doing this again. Once edited I shall also upload the video. Tad more interesting than photographs all the time. 

WARNING: Most of the pictures haven't been cropped or edited as I ain't got time for that. Also picture quality is going to be very varied, as I will take a photos with whatever device is at hand. Sorry!

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